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Our Services

Humanity Resources provides complex, interrelated services designed primarily to help prepare individual consumers for job searches. Our goal is to equip the client for today's workforce - and provide an opportunity for successful employment.  The areas we cover are:
Job Readiness
  • personal/socialization skills training
  • résumé development,
  • job application training,
  • job seeking skills training,
  • interviewing skills training, and/or
  • job retention skills training

Personal/Socialization Skills Training

  • personal grooming and hygiene,
  • dependability/reliability on the job,
  • employer expectations, and communication skills

Résumé Development

  • collect the information necessary to develop their résumé, vita, cover letter, and/or portfolio;
  • discuss the information contained in the document(s) they have developed;
  • update the document(s) with current information; and
  • tailor the document(s) to the specific job(s) for which the consumer is applying.

Job Application Training

  • develop a personal data sheet in the appropriate media (Braille, large print, electronic, etc.) to use in completing an application and/or cover letter;
  • use alternate techniques for completing a job application (using a reader, magnification products, using a computer to complete an on-line application, etc.); and
  • successfully complete a job application independently or, if necessary, with assistance.

Job Seeking Skills Training

  • develop a resource list containing the names of people and resources that can help the consumer get a job including, but not limited to: family, friends, past employers, co-workers, the local Texas Workforce Commission office, the yellow pages, want ads, etc.;
  • use appropriate skills to call a contact person or resource on their list, describe their skills and/or experience, and ask the contact person to assist them in finding a job (by asking about current job openings, requesting a letter of reference, obtaining permission to list the contact person as a reference on job applications, etc.);
  • use appropriate skills to develop job leads through the use of job postings, want ads, the local Texas Workforce Commission office, and other available resources; and demonstrate the ability to research prospective employers and job positions based on the individual consumer's skills, interests, and experience.

Interviewing Skills Training

  • research the potential employer's organization;
  • anticipate interview questions specific to the position for which the consumer will be applying;
  • prepare for the job interview using appropriate dress and personal grooming;
  • discuss, when necessary and appropriate, their disability and any required accommodations; and use appropriate skills to complete a job interview

Job Retention Skills Training

  • fit in at a new job,
  • understand the importance of (and follow) punctuality and attendance guidelines,
  • determine the appropriate person to notify if the consumer is ill or running late,
  • determine the appropriate person to contact if the consumer has a question,
  • address work-related problems,
  • cope with (and benefit from) job-related errors and mistakes,
  • ask for a raise, and apply for a promotion.

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